As the name says,  you can have the opportunity to go from your local pub,  to a professional standard, without spending fortunes,  travelling around the world chasing ranking points.

We will be introducing exciting new tournaments each month. 

The one thing they will all have in common is,  they will be player friendly and the prize funds will be great.

We will keep very low entry fees wherever possible.

There will be a ranking system for all events, culminating in major tournaments at the end of the ranking year.

This initial tournament will be a 10k prize fund with the winners

prize of £3,000


 The tournament will run until 30/04/23


After that all the qualifiers will be contacted with the dates for the finals


We have venues joining  each week, so it’s only fair to allow everyone an equal chance to partake.


Subsequent tournament qualifying will be for one month, with finals being held on the following month, with prize funds ranging from £25K -£50K.


We ask for patience in the first few weeks, as we keep up with the demand from players & venues & the huge amount of work involved in setting this up for the benefit of players & venues.





ONLY £5 entry fee


8 Players per tournament


Split randomly into 2 groups of 4

Round robin format,  means everyone gets a minimum of 3 games

6 games per group,  means 12 games.


The top 2 in each group then progress to a final group of 4.

once again a round robin format, of 6 games,  meaning 18 games in total on the night,  this allows any venue with only one board to comfortably hold an event in around 4 hours.


The winner then qualifies for the later stages of the event and will be contacted once all qualifiers are known.


Players can enter as many events as they like,  meaning that if you have a bad day or are unlucky,  all you need to do is try again in another event.






Ideal for pubs etc, in the fact that holding these events will bring much needed extra revenue and customers to their venue.

Because of the ease of the format,  many Landlords are running weekly events.

Venues who have more than 1 board available, can run as many 8 player events as they wish.

Example: 4 boards & 32 players, but they must run them as 4 separate events, with 4 qualifiers being produced.

Venues can run as many events as they wish per month.

A designated person will be responsible for collecting the entry fees and sending the results, with relevant details and payment through the website.




Bull to decide who starts.

Winner will start all odd number legs


Round robin format

best of 5 legs(first to 3)  or best of 3(first to 2)


Venue to decide before play starts depending on time available etc.



2 groups of 4

Top 2 in each group qualify for final group of 4.

Winner of final group qualifies for area finals.

To find group winners

it’s 2 points for a win,

if players are equal on points it goes down to leg difference

example legs won – legs lost

if still equal then its the winner of their  head to head game qualifies.