Our Mission

World Darts are dedicated to bringing the game around the world into the 21st century.

For over 99% of players, the game has not progressed much in the last 25 years, actually for the serious player, who play tournaments and travel around various parts of the world, in an attempt to secure money & points to qualify for “Majors” the game has gone backwards at an alarming rate. 


It is almost impossible to make any money from playing darts today, unless you are a top 32 PDC professional.


For the millions of other players around the world, its only a dream that cannot be realised.


The amateur game is in total disarray.


After talking with a range of players and listening to their views,  we believe there is a better way. 


Starting with the U.K.


Our goal is, to offer more player friendly tournaments, to grow the amateur game, to the level it deserves to be.


To offer much bigger prize funds, on a regular basis, with minimal travelling and expense for the player.


To make it a local pub based event initially in the U.K.

Your local pub is traditionally how most players start out in darts.


With pubs closing every week in the U.K,  it’s vitally important that we use this opportunity to help to bring in much needed revenue to them, as well as enabling players to keep expenses down,  by being able to  qualify via their local pub.



Also another much needed improvement is to grow the women’s game, by offering regular tournaments, with improved prize funds, to eventually allow women players to compete financially on a par with the men.


We believe this is long overdue and are working closely  with the women’s game to rectify as soon as possible.


The Pub 2 Pro series is designed to be player friendly.


Allowing every player access to National tournaments, for sensible entry fees, minimal travelling and keeping expenses as low as possible.


Whilst being given the opportunities to play for some of the best prize funds available and to allow you to reach your full potential, all from the comfort of your local pub.


Currently many players are prevented from following their dreams and finding out how good they could be, by the travelling needed or the expense involved to reach tournaments.


Even the ones who do take part in the bigger tournaments,  find it difficult financially,  due to the relatively poor prize funds, for the expenses involved. 


Here at World darts,  we have listened to the players and are committed to improving the opportunities for everyone by keeping everything as local and as affordable as possible, whilst improving prize funds.


We are particularly committed to improving the Women’s game as we feel they are treated as an afterthought in most tournaments.


We are working with representatives of the Women’s game and exciting news is coming soon.


Your local Pub has been in decline for many years.


Since the Covid pandemic,  this problem has been accelerated.


Times have been tough financially for everybody,  rising costs of living, together with job losses,  means even less trade for the struggling local.


The importance of the effect on the local community, when a pub closes, should not be underestimated.


The hub of the local community, a meeting place for people, the home of your local sports teams. Football,  Cricket,  Darts  and  Pool teams, just to name a few.

Home to your local pub quiz, live music venue and meeting place for numerous local groups.


This is just a small selection of the local community that rely on the pub and its facilities.


Our aim is to help protect your local,  by running the Pub 2 Pro series throughout the U.K. 


Our qualifiers only need 8 players, meaning any pub with  even just one dartboard can run one.


Every qualifier no matter who they are, will have to initially play in a local pub.  This is designed this way to benefit your local and hopefully helps the community keep it’s pub.

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